Alia / Lola

Alia is a skilled gymnast with acrobatic talents, a tightrope walker, and contortionist who confidently intrudes where she shouldn’t, defying the laws of physics (and sometimes any law, full stop). Miss Berry discovered her the time she inexplicably managed to sneak into an armoured van that was transporting a million-dollar painting because, as she explained to an agent, “it seemed like a fun thing to do”.

Suhana / Juliette

Suhana is an enormously talented child actress, but behind the facade of immature and capricious star, there hides a quick-change artist and mentalist, capable of making herself whoever she wants to be, giving just the right performance in every little detail. Miss Berry came across her on a mission involving some diplomats (her parents), and immediately realized that under the surface, there was BIA material.

Sara / Bobby

Sara is a nerd with the heart of an environmentalist, but also a phenomenal hacker, able to infiltrate the most highly protected information systems. She has an extraordinary, rich singing voice, but doesn’t tend to sing, except under torture, or if another Berry begs her to. She was in Miss Berry’s crosshairs for a while, seeing as how she was on record as a “suspicious person” due to a cyber-attack in which she managed to modify the BIA waste-disposal system, making it more environmentally friendly.

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