Bhatti / Shocky

Bhatti is a 13-year old has electric look and phenomenal memory. She is bubbly, hyperkinetic, unstoppable, she greets every situation with enthusiasm. As she feels strong emotions… all hell breaks loose. Romantic and passionate, she falls in love at first sight nearly every day. She only stops when she’s asleep, but if she’s dreaming don’t get too close or you might get a shock.

Tiwari / Kripta

Tiwari is a 12-year-old looks a bit disturbing at first sight, she’s torn and tattered but you’ll be caught by her charm. Dead by nature, Tiwari doesn’t eat or sleep, she spends nights either reading or watching TV and that is why she knows everything about everything. With her fierce sarcasm she points out contradictions of everyone around even if no one gets her really dark sense of humor.

Patel / Weidro

Patel is a 12-year-old, one those mysterious romantic types all girls fall in love with. Introverted, melancholic, wise and reflective, he never loses his cool. Average height, keen eyes, long scars on his face that don’t bother him too much: he knows life is hard and how difficult it can be. He is a boy of few words and isn’t inclined to smiles. And that’s why his attitude is often mistaken for a kind of cosmic pessimism.

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